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FATE Young Centurions RPG

Wydanie angielskie

Cena: 65.00 zł

Dostępność: w magazynie
( wysyłka w ŚRODĘ - sprawdź w punktach sprzedaży )

Every hero story has its origins. Bring those tales to life with the Young Centurions RPG!

This family-friendly game puts you in the shoes of teenage pulp heroes of the early 1910s.


Take on the neighborhood bully…or a mad scientist bent on world domination…or both! Discover ancient artifacts and get home before the dinner bell. Join your friends for exciting adventures at home and abroad.


In the Young Centurions RPG, you’ll find:


  • Streamlined Fate-Accelerated-style rules set in a fun pulp atmosphere
  • A Campaign Rating system to help you easily adjust your games to the maturity level of your players
  • Rules for Century stunts, mentors, and current approaches to integrate into your Fate Accelerated games
  • Everything you need to set off on high stakes adventure - character creation, story ideas, rules - all in one easy-to-digest package


Cena: 65.00 zł
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