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Mindjammer RPG: Blue - Adventure in the Ruins of an Alien World

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Wydanie angielskie

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Blue. A beautiful yet alien world. Until six hundred years ago it was the home of an unimaginably advanced alien species, poised in splendid isolation on the brink of transcendence, refusing even to communicate with the lesser intelligences which had colonised its planetary twin.


That’d be us - homo variens, the diverse and curious descendants of the colonists from Old Earth. Even our probes and telescopes were deflected, leaving us with tantalising glimpses of wonders beyond our ability to understand.


Then, six hundred years ago, the alien civilisation fell. Almost overnight: the lights on the surface of the planet Blue went out, the aliens’ structures seemed to dissolve, and the barrier which had protected them from prying eyes for millennia collapsed. But where had they all gone? Amid magnificent ruins we found devolved life forms, as confused and as uncomprehending as we.


None of us ever knew what had been lost. Until now. Now the Blues are back - and no one knows if even the Commonality can resist them. Let’s hope they want to be friends...


There’s been a murder on the fallen world of Blue, a planet of ragtag survivors and curious human colonists researching the remains of a near-transcendent alien civilisation.

But the culprit is stranger than anyone had imagined; and, as factions manoeuvre for influence and control, a mystery is uncovered which threatens to change the Commonality forever!


Mindjammer RPG: Blue - Adventure in the Ruins of an Alien World includes:


  • two whole alien worlds: maps, ecosystems, exointelligences, cultures, and more
  • a multi-session adventure of intrigue, conspiracy, and mystery spanning an entire star system
  • secrets of the Commonality and the Mindjammer setting


Mindjammer RPG: Blue - Adventure in the Ruins of an Alien World is a complete adventure supplement for Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game. The Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game core book is required for play.

Podstawowe informacje

Liczba stron: 84
Rodzaj oprawy: miękka
Waga: ok. 0.450 kg
Wydawca: Modiphius Entertainment
Wydanie: angielskie

Zawartość pudełka:

  • podręcznik w miękkiej oprawie, 84 strony

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Cena: 89.95 zł
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