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Savage Worlds: Accursed - I11 Omens

Wydanie angielskie

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The world cries out for salvation...


Morden has fallen to the Witches, but their banes continue to prey off the mortal survivors. This book of adventures presents a variety of different challenges for Morden's Witchmarked heroes to overcome. New foes are introduced and locations are expanded. The adventures range in scope, with some suited to a single evening's entertainment while others could encompass several nights of play. Any of them can be interspersed with the Plot Point Campaign included in the Accursed core book.


Accursed: I11 Omens includes works by an all-star cast of gaming writers. Shane Hensley, Rich Baker, Sean Patrick Fannon and Colin McComb - among others - all contributed to this compilation.


Note that Accursed: I11 Omens is not a complete game, You still need Accursed setting book, Savage Worlds rulebook and Savage Worlds Horror Companion for play.

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Liczba stron: 63
Rodzaj oprawy: miękka
Waga: ok. 0.190 kg
Wydawca: Melior Via
Wydanie: angielskie

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Cena: 99.95 zł
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