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Trail of Cthulhu: Soldiers of pen and ink

Wydanie angielskie

Cena: 49.95 34.95 zł

( RPG: Podręczniki i dodatki )
Dostępność: w magazynie
( wysyłka JUTRO - sprawdź w punktach sprzedaży )

Madrid, 1936. The Investigators have come to Spain to shoot a documentary on the war sympathetic to the Republican cause, but find themselves trapped in the Siege of Madrid. One of their team goes missing, and their literary colleagues say it's pointless – even dangerous – to ask what happened to him. In a war of competing ideologies, unorthodoxy can merit the death penalty, even amongst those opposing Fascism, but is this Communist oppression or something more sinister? Soldiers of Pen and Ink is a stand-alone campaign for Trail of Cthulhu set during the Spanish Civil War, which can be played with the pre-generated characters provided or integrated into an existing campaign. Made in the USA.


Cena: 49.95 34.95 zł
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