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Infinity RPG: Corebook

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In the twisted jungles of Paradiso, humanity fights for its survival. The fierce, alien warriors of the Combined Army have poured through the Acheron Gate, descending upon the emerald jungles of the newest colonial world in a seemingly unstoppable torrent.

The bestial Morat pound the Paradiso front, where brave men and women fight ceaselessly to maintain a defensive line which the sly Shasvastii penetrate with devastating ease.

In the star-swept skies above, the collected might of humanity's armadas maintain a life-or-death blockade to cut off an endless horde of alien reinforcements. And if any of humanity's fractious forces falter, then all may be lost...


But beyond the terrifying holding action, the intrigues and adventures of the human sphere spin on. Space pirates cruise through the shattered planetoids of Human Edge. Scientists and adventurers delve the oceans of Varuna.

Merchants guilds scheme amidst the scourging sands of Bourak. From Yutang, the Emperor gazes forth from an uneasy throne. Titanic war machines stride across the icy plains of Svalarheima. Byzantine hypercops struggle for dominance amidst the chrome towers of Neoterra.


For the last ten years, players have tested their mettle upon the battlefields of the Human Sphere in Corvus Belli's hugely-popular Infinity skirmish game. Now you can expand your adventures, diving deep into the amazing, never-before-seen depths of the Infinity universe with the ultimate science-fiction roleplaying game.


Play the Dynamic 2D20 Game System featuring:


  • cinematic action driven by the twin engines of Heat and Momentum
  • the triple battlefields of Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar
  • a multifaceted zone system which brings the world to life


Explore the Definitive Guide to the Infinity universe with


  • a complete chronology of the Human Sphere detailing centuries of bloodshed
  • the culture, history and intrigue of ten powerful factions
  • gazetteers for all twelve worlds of the Human Sphere, including beautiful, full colour maps


Leap into your character by:


  • treading an immersive Lifepath system to create a character from within the G5 nations
  • vying with other human factions using the fractious, innovative, Wilderness of Mirrors scenario design system
  • face dozens of fearsome ready-to-play enemies, who stand between you and your destiny!


Cena: 189.95 zł
Produkt niedostępny produkt niedostępny 


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