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Infinity RPG: Cost of Greed

Wydanie angielskie

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A chance discovery on Paradiso leads to the uncovering of a VoodooTech smuggling ring, with the clues leading to an intelligence agency or corporation. Follow the rabbit hole, follow the money, and the trail of breadcrumbs may soon provide clues to a plot that could put the whole Human Sphere at risk.


Infinity RPG: Cost of Greed is a mini campaign of five non-linear adventures that provide the characters with a chance to meet, work alongside, and challenge the key characters from Corvus Belli’s Dire Foes Missions packs 1-5.


First Domino


Follow the trail of a smuggling ring trafficking VoodooTech from Paradiso to the crowded streets of Yinquan. Will the tight-lipped Yanjing be involved or perhaps the shady MagnaObra corporation?


Ice and Fire


Seeking clues to the architect and purpose of the smuggling ring, the characters need to embrace the icy cold of Svarthelma to find the answers they seek.


Quantronic Noise


A hacking cell operating from an enclave on Bakunin are a key factor in the operation. Their ability to manipulate the characters’ patinas, however, may flip the Wilderness of Mirrors on its head, creating enemies of both civilians and former friends.


Hot Sands


Chasing an exec for the intel she’s hiding will lead the characters into a fight to survive on the Silk Road, but her enemies could prove more overwhelming than they bargained for.


The Black Box


With the war on Paradiso itself under threat, and the safety of the Human Sphere at stake, infiltrating the operational centre of the cabal responsible could turn disaster into victory.

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Liczba stron: 44
Rodzaj oprawy: miękka
Waga: ok. 0.200 kg
Wydawca: Modiphius Entertainment
Wydanie: angielskie

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  • podręcznik w miękkiej oprawie, 44 strony

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Cena: 69.95 zł
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