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Black Powder: Field Artillery

American War of Independence 1776-1783

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In Europe, massed artillery was beginning to be a regular feature on the battlefield, and came at times to dominate the field. This was much less the case in America for various reasons, such as cost, availability and terrain to name but three.


That being said, there were few battles that did not feature artillery of some kind, and any General would have been very happy to have the support of medium or light guns. The guns were on the whole bravely and well served by both sides, inflicting losses at long range with bounding iron cannon balls, and using case shot – a tin of tightly-packed musket balls – at close range.


This box can be assembled and painted to represent Continental gunners, including the famous ‘Molly Pitcher’, or their opposite numbers, the Royal Artillery.


“Fire away boys!”


Cena: 89.95 zł
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