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FAITH (2nd Edition): The Sci-Fi RPG Core Book

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I understand now. The Gods are real. We are not the masters of the stars. [...]


I will seek kindness among the Corvo; I shall strive for solace in an Iz’kal hive. I will look for beauty in the form of a rampaging Ravager.


And may my life end at home in some far-off, uncharted world, when I’m full of time and memories.

- Professor T. Turner, Human Explorer, 1966 SA


FAITH is a science fiction roleplaying game of epic adventures, where starfaring alien civilizations race to explore a dangerous, unknown universe; while the Gods compete for followers; and the Ravager threaten civilisation as a whole.


It takes place in a far-future version of our universe, where sentient computers and space travel are a reality, and daring explorers carry high-powered plasma cannons and have their brains linked to formidable hacking devices.


Politics: A Delicate Truce


The technological, capitalistic Corvo, and the communal, progressive Iz’kal, aware of the dire consequences of a full-on assault, they try to expand their area of influence and collapse each other’s economy through fierce commerce and Black Op wars in far away planets.


Religion: The Five Gods


The Gods of FAITH are mysterious entities, or natural forces, which give supernatural powers to those that follow them. Becoming a follower is as simple - and as difficult - as living by the tenets of the God’s philosophy.


Exploration: The Labyrinth


Intergalactic travel is possible thanks to the Labyrinth, a network of wormholes - spacetime portals - that allow ships to cover light-year distances in a matter of hours.


War: The Ravager Menace


The Corvo and the Iz’kal managed to maintain a fragile peace, but now a war has sprung in their faces: the Ravager. In recent years, they have quickly become a threat to all other known life forms, forcing the Corvo and Iz’kal to reluctantly join forces against them.

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Wydawca: Burning Games
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Cena: 219.95 zł
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