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The Sixth Gun: The Winding Way

Wydanie angielskie

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The Winding Way is an epic adventure presented in Six (!) installments in one handy book. Our gunslingers, houngans, and other heroes will get a taste of all the world of The Sixth Gun® has to offer, including encounters with strange beasts and unusual characters, experience with the legendary guns themselves, and even a not-so-leisurely stroll through the spirit realm.

Eventually they will be faced with choices that could reshape the West itself, maybe even the entire world.

The Winding Way is effectively a prequel to the events presented in the main comic book series, thus the appearance of Asher Cobb and General Hume’s riders all alive and well.

Requires the Savage Worlds core rules and The Sixth Gun RPG to play.

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Wydawca: Studio 2 Publishing Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Wydanie: angielskie

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Cena: 109.95 zł
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