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Black Crusade

Black Crusade

The intoxicating lure of Chaos leads untold millions down the path of corruption, and the noblest of intentions offers little protection against its dark influence. A soldier’s bloodlust, a politician's ambition, a lover’s desire, and even a mother’s whispered prayer over her feverish child - they are all the playthings of the Dark Gods. Why resist? Wealth, power, and happiness await those who serve the Ruinous Powers, and the only price is your humanity.

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Black Crusade: Hand of Corruption

Przygoda do Black Crusade

Podręcznik Hand of Corruption zawiera trzy niezależne miniprzygody. Drużyna przeniesiona zostanie z rejonu Screaming Vortex...

Cena: 139.95 zł Gry RPG po angielsku - Warhammer 40000 - Black Crusade: Hand of Corruption | niedostępny

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