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Jak dla mnie ideał :)

Nice kit to place your old or new Millennium Falcon.

You also find space for 2 ships (I have my 2 B-wings there) and you have 2 smaller spots, in which I have some tokens and dices.

The space for the base of the ship is also quite deep, and you can fit another bigger ship, like the HWK or the ARC in there.

Jak dla mnie ideał :)

My favorite Rebel ship.

Maybe it´s not the easiest one to play with, due to it´s limited dial, but, if you get your hands on the Rebel Aces box, you have many different choices to build your B-Wing.

You can use Nera Dantels, with some Guidance Chips to cause heavy damage on your oponent, or Keyan Farlander (in the Rebel Aces) to use a stress eater ship, allowing you for nice maneuvering.

Jak dla mnie ideał :)

One of the first addons to look for when starting your Rebel fleet.

This fast ship will provide you with a very maneuverable dial, but with the problem that has not that many shields and hulls, so you will have to work hard to stay out of trouble and outmaneuver your opponent.

It comes with really good pilots (I prefer this ones over the ones you can find on the Rebel Aces box) and the great Elite upgrade "Push The Limit".

W porządku, bez rewelacji

Added boss to complete the base game.

In Myth, the base game, you have 2 races, the grubbers (orcs) and the crawlers (insectoids). However you only have the boss of the crawlers.

This addon includes the grubbers boss, together with his darkness cards to the game.

In my opinion, this is not a great purchase for the base price, as it does not add that much to the game, just a new encounter. But if you can find it at a discounted price (or in one of the MCG offers, in one of their kickstarter) it can complete what you already find in the box.

Dobry, solidny produkt

A nice solution to store your X-Wing miniatures.

Before having this I was taking them on a bag with some papers as a fill-in, but I was always suffering thinking that there could be any damage on the miniatures inside. No more!

You can either search for the specific foarms for your ships (if you have big ones), or take the generic 10 models foarm, where you can place most of the small ships, such as the X-Wings or the Tie Fighters.

You have space also for all the rulers and additional tokens needed to play the game.

The only thing that is missing is a way to wear it as a bag.


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